The Rise of The Internet Era

In the world’s population, most people use smart phones and internet. It’s hard to find a person without a mobile in this generation. We can find even children using mobile phones these days. Mobile phones have become like a part of our body. No one wants to step out of the house without their phones. It helps in communication, but that’s not all. It has become an important part of your life.
Even a few years before, the scenario was not like this. When the mobile phones came into market first, they were mainly used for talking to people and messaging them. Now, these have become secondary. Mobile phones are used for various reasons other than that. You can stay connected via social media, WhatsApp, etc. It helps in sending money across the globe, have video chats, etc.
The internet traffic has become huge with the smart phones. When the mobile phone service providers started giving internet services in phones, they would not have dreamed of such a huge impact. It created a boom in the mobile phone industry -in both the phone manufacturing and the service providers industry. Every week, they are introducing new phones in the market and the service providers are giving out new schemes to keep the customers on

The mobile network traffic is huge in all countries. In the developed countries, the mobile phones providers give out 4G technology. But many developing and under developed countries get only 2G or 3G technology. Many African countries are under developed. In those countries there are not lot of awareness about the internet or new technologies.
Even in many African countries, people use more of mobile phones than a computer. It helps the people in many ways. They are able to get medical help, transfer money and even vote to elect their government. The data usage of the African countries in expected to raise eight fold between 2015 and 2020. This will have a huge impact on the African telecommunication industry. The people prefer to use mobile phones instead of a land line or a computer. The mobile phones also serve as a small computer to most people. They try to handle all information through their phones.

With the technology booming in Africa, there would be many jobs, which require qualified people to fill in. In many African countries, education is still not very proper. Not many children go to school there, mainly due to the distance of these schools from their home. Also, the quality of education is poor in these countries as they are following old style of education. There are also not a lot of colleges in Africa. So, not a lot of people are technically qualified.

When you expect a technical boom in African countries, you should also make those people ready so that the requirements in the job fields are filled by them. Though this should be done by the Government mainly, other NGO’s should also take part in the issue. This not only helps to give out job opportunities but also in developing the nation. There are also many projects in the African countries. Many apps are also found by the people in Africa and used there. These projects have not got enough attention. In that case, you can get many funds for the projects. Also, these projects can be marketed in other countries. As Nelson Mandela said “education is the most important weapon to change the world”

There are some plans like m-pesa in African countries, which help you to travel without money. You can transfer money to a person’s mobile phone. When banks are far-off, this system helps you to get money and spend them. You don’t need to hold an account in banks for that. In fact not many people hold accounts in banks in African countries. It also helps you to keep track of your spending.

There are many apps in Africa like icow that helps in keeping track of cattle with the people. It helps to get health advice, breeding information, etc. There are also many apps which help in giving health advice to pregnant women and children. The people are given advice thro text messages. The information got from the patients are stored in databases and helps doctors to be ready for a delivery. In African countries apps are used to conduct elections, control post-election violence, etc